SASSOT Community Project of the Year 2018 – Runners Up


Community Project of the Year 

Runners up 2018

SASSOT- Sports Across Staffordshire & Stoke On Trent would like to congratulate the project run by Penkridge Runners on their fantastic achievements and dedication to improving opportunities in sport. 

This category received a number of high quality nominations and the process was very competitive. 

This award recognises an innovative project which uses sport & physical activity to improve and enhance the quality of life of people in the region. 

Special qualities that set this team apart from others ! 


Penkridge Runners win top team at Rodbaston 10k

Penkridge Runners winners of the largest team entry for the Rodbaston 10k 2018. A strong turnout and great support from team PR made this another memorable event.

This tough off road trail run was also a first 10k for 3 Penkridge Runners “Paula, Jessica & Linda”  Linda also won her age category. 

Great team effort by All !

Penkridge Runners @ “The Brewood Woggle”

Fantastic turn out for Penkridge Runners at the Annual Brewood Woggle 10k.  Just under 30 runners completed this undulating course around the beautiful Brewood countryside with many of our runners earning new PB’s.

New Sports Massage Partnership

We now have our 2nd Sports Physio and Massage partnership come onboard who have offered all Penkridge Runners reduced rates. The P2 Phase2Physio have  offered a discounted rate of £15 per hour for an in-depth sports massage. They are based in the Lichfield/ Cannock area and will also do home visits (extra charges apply). For more information see our Partnership Page.

John completed his 100k Non-Stop Ultra Challenge

John H smashed the 100k Thames Pathway Challenge, his aim was to complete the challenge without any break or overnight stop. John said “It was hard going, we walked as fast as possible for every 4K than ran for 1k. Kept that up for 70km. It was difficult once it went dark so just kept pushing on as best we could. Weird when you can only see what your head touch allows and you’re following glow sticks cause it’s that dark.” John raised £870 in total for the air ambulance and
finished 172 out of 738.

Running is the best therapy !

We all know that running is good for our physical health, but what about our mental health?
When we exercise our bodies release serotonin, dopamine and endorphins – our natural “happy hormones”.
Think back to the last time you did some physical activity – that post- workout buzz that you experience is due to the release of those happy hormones.
Imagine if you had a bicycle and you left it in your shed over winter – eventually the bike would start to rust and become stiff and difficult to use. Our bodies act in the same way – if we become inactive, we are more likely to experience aches and pains because we are not using our bodies. When we start to feel pains we become even more inactive, eventually leading us to feel lethargic and low in mood, simply because we don’t feel good. Afterall, who would ever be in a good mood when they’re feeling unwell?
This is where running comes in – not only are we keeping ourselves active, therefore feeling good physically, but it also gives us a sense of achievement and focus, therefore a much better frame of mind. We know that running cannot solve all of our problems, however when we are in a better frame of mind, it is easier for us to deal with difficult situations than if we are already feeling depressed.
The same can also be said for using running/exercise to help manage anxiety and stress. When we feel anxious our bodies release adrenaline. When we release adrenaline we go into “fight or flight” mode as its our bodies natural built in alarm system designed to protect us from danger. Our hearts might start beating faster, breathing gets quicker, our minds are racing. Now this would be perfect if we were in a situation whereby we could fight the threat, or take flight, such as a lion waiting to attack us. The heart beats faster to get the blood to our muscles and breathing increases to flood our bodies with oxygen so that we are ready to react. When we then fight the lion or run away to safety, that adrenaline is used up in the way that its designed to be, and those physical symptoms reduce. Unfortunately, the type of situations that most often cause us anxiety or stress in the modern world, are not usually things we can easily fight or run away from – work, family, busy places etc. So the adrenaline lasts longer in our bodies and we might notice physical symptoms such as palpitations, a tight chest or headaches. This brings us back to running – a natural, healthy way to use up this adrenaline and therefore reduce stress. Think about how much more relaxed you felt the last time you went for a run. This is why. And prevention is always better than cure – so if you make exercise part of your weekly routine, you’re more likely to be able to keep stress at a manageable level rather letting it build up.
So if your cardio health wasn’t reason enough, pick up those trainers and run for your mental health!

John & Jo beat the Ultra 100km Challenge

Fantastic achievement for Penkridge Runners “John & Jo” who both completed the 100km Ultra Challenge over 2 days.

Jo was the first to finish the challenge completing the Race to Stones 100km.

John then followed by completing the Jurassic Coast 100km.

Amazing commitment and hard work!  Congratulations both 🇳🇺🇳🇺

Penkridge Runners Flying Feet Trophy

Penkridge Runners summer night out at the dogs proved to be a huge success with the highlight being race No 7.  This was our sponsored race “Penkridge Runners Flying Feet Trophy”



Penkridge Fun Run 2018

Penkridge Runners stormed the Annual Penkridge Fun Run with many 1st, 2nd & 3rd’s in their corresponding age categories. 20 members ran the 2.5 Mile course with temperatures reaching 28c. 

Janice, Paula & Lee were all first in their age category. Andy, Karen & Caroline came 2nd along with Tashha and Shaun who were 3rd all in their respective age groups.

Team PR Relays

It was a fantastic turnout for Penkridge Runners at the Staffordshire Showground. 7 teams of 4 runners took part in the 2 Mile Relays (in various different categories), producing some outstanding individual and team performances.
The support and encouragement for every team member was again a sign of our true Team Spirit.

“Penkridge Runners where running becomes a pleasure”