Penkridge Runners “Pretty Muddy” Run for Life 5k

Penkridge Runners Ladies

“Run Hard, Play Dirty” 

Around 10 PR ladies tackled the Run for Life Pretty Muddy 5k at Weston Park on Saturday 12th May. This popular event is well organised and extremely good fun in aid of a Cancer Research.

Congratulations to all, looks like you all had a great time 😀

Linzi & Lisa complete the hottest London Marathon on record

Congratulations to both Linzi & Lisa on completing the London Marathon 2018 in what was described as the hottest London Marathon on record. With temperatures around 23c Linzi finished in 4hrs 33m and Lisa in 3hrs 39m. Thousands of runners suffered with the heat which made this run extremely difficult to PB. The commitment, hard work and support from the club helped to get both Linzi and Lisa to the finish. 

Well done PR 🇳🇺🇳🇺

Chasewater Easter Egg 5k & 10k

Penkridge Runners smash the Chasewater Easter Egg 5k & 10k run on Easter Sunday.
With over 25 PR runners taking part, including 9 of the Couch to 5k starters, we had no fewer than 10 new PB’s over both distances and all of the C25k runners finished the one lap course of the lake. Their 12 week training plan started back in January with many not being able to run continuously for 2 minutes, each one proved they could do it and completed the challenge.
Fantastic support and great team effort.  🇳🇺🇳🇺🇳🇺 Team PR

Two new PB’s @ Bridgnorth Half

Well done to Penkridge Runners, Laura and Nicky, who both gained new PB’s on this tough hilly half marathon course, taking in the sights at Bridgnorth.  Dave Wood also completed the course after slipping over on the muddy off road section along side the river.

Penkridge Runners meet GB stars

Penkridge Runners Karen, Ian and Ruth met GB athletes Dame Kelly Holmes and Jo Pavey at the Running Show last month in Birmingham. 

Penkridge Runners @ Alsager 5 Miler

This was the first event on the Penkridge Runners calendar for 2018. Fouteen members took part on this flat, fast, 5 mile course and conditions were good. There were some great performances with almost half the runners gaining a new PB. What a great start for 2018… 🇳🇺


Warming up is a vital part of any runners preparations. Failure to warm up can result in injuries and potentially a long-term lay off. Here’s your guide to preparing for a run through a thorough warm up.

Runners are often guilty of skipping the warm-up, and heading straight into a full on run. But doing that is like attempting to start a manual car in third gear – it might just manage it, but the performance will be inefficient, difficult and potentially damaging.
The runner’s warm-up raises body temperature, increases heart rate and mobilises the joints. Furthermore, a warm-up diverts blood away from the internal organs to supply the muscles with the oxygen they require to function efficiently.
An increase in body temperature helps promote the flow of synovial fluid, which is a liquid that surrounds and cushions joint surfaces to reduce friction. Also, synovial fluid makes muscles more pliable and less prone to straining or tearing.

So how should you carry out a warm-up?

Even though running is predominantly a lower-body activity, this does not mean you want to focus purely on a lower body warm-up. Mobilize all the major joints of the body including the neck, shoulders, waist, hips, knees and ankles with dynamic simple movements.
Then, take a walk, gradually increasing your speed and range of movement to break into a slow jog. You should feel slightly warm and breathless as you do this.
Next comes the running-specific moves – to enhance ‘neuromuscular coordination’ so that your running efficiency is maximised and the amount of energy you ‘spend’ at any given effort level is minimized.

Should you stretch before you run?

In a runner’s warm-up should you stretch before a run? This is still a topic of much debate. Studies looking at the inclusion of stretching in a warm-up have not found that it offers any additional injury-prevention benefits over and above a standard warm-up or that it aids performance.
However, if you feel particularly tight or tense in any specific joint or muscle, it is recommend that you follow the general warm-up with stretches to loosen up that area. One thing to bear in mind, never stretch cold muscles. Make sure you do the warm-up first.
Always stretch after exercise !


Running is a popular New Year’s resolution, but without a plan, you may find it tricky to stick to it. If you’ve decided that 2018 is the year you’ll finally get your running shoes on, take a look at these top tips on how to follow through with that running New Year’s resolution.


Everyone needs to start somewhere: put your trainers on, get outside and set realistic goals. To get started, join your local running club (PENKRIDGE RUNNERS) this will motivate you to keep on going with a group of like-minded people. Its proven that running with a group will help you stick to your plan because you do not want to let other people down – you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can run without stopping.


All you need is a good pair of trainers, leggings and a thermal top and you’re good to go! Buying new training gear will give you a confidence boost and can really be that added push to keep you motivated – it’s always great to look and feel your best while running! With dark mornings and evenings, some reflective clothing to keep you visible is a great way to stay safe.


I love keeping a training diary – it allows me to see the improvements I’m making every week. Plus, it will keep you motivated to continue pursuing your goals.


Hydration is key. Keep those muscles loose by staying hydrated.


When the cold, winter months take over, the best way to stay motivated is to find a running buddy! Knowing that you’re meeting someone else for a run keeps you motivated and it will be exciting to share your running journey with someone else.


There is nothing quite like having a date set in the diary to keep you driving towards your goal. It could be your first ever 5k, 10K or even a half marathon if you’re feeling adventurous. It will certainly keep you committed to the program that you set yourself.


Being patient is key – success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s easy to get frustrated in the early stages of a running program but remember to enjoy it. With every step you’re discovering new limits and becoming stronger each time you lace up your trainers and head out the door.


The best way to keep motivated in a new running program is to decide on your goals and find the right advice to help you achieve them. It could be from family or friends or your local running club, PENKRIDGE RUNNERS !


2018 Running Challenge

  1. If you are interested in doing the Couch to 5k or just want to improve on overall fitness, speed and endurance then email us through our contact page or Facebook.

Make 2018 your fitness year!


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