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Presentation Night Awards 2017

Penkridge Runners “Presentation Night 2017”
What an amazing evening, with many great achievements this year, not only for the award winners but for all of you and your own personal goals ! Lets also not forget all the tireless fund raising reaching nearly £10,000, both individually and team efforts for many leading charities, (Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Donna Louise Trust, Menkes Foundation, Haven Trust just to name a few).

Award Winners:
Highest Attendance – joint winners Paula K & Scott D
Team Spirit – Shaun P
Most Improved New starter – Becky L
Most improved Male – Simon H
Most improved Female – Maxine W
High Achiever Male – Jamie G
High Achiever Female- Laura C
Most Inspirational- Russ B
Coach Award Female- Paula K
Coach Award Male- Dave W
Most Photogenic- Jess L
PR Prime Minister – Stewart M
Lottery Loser – Ian R
Everyone is a winner at PR

Penkridge Runners conquered Birmingham Full & Half Marathon

Penkridge Runners… The pride in finishing a marathon is much greater than all the pain endured running it.
We are so proud to have had 9 runners complete the Birmingham Marathon today and a massive PB for Laura knocking 46 minutes off her London time. Massive achievement to all; Paula, Simon, Jamie, Russ, Ian, Dave, Laura, Maxine & Ann Marie.
Also congratulations to all Penkridge Runners who completed the Half Marathon in Birmingham this afternoon; Emma, Janice, Julie, Lisa and Linzi
Fantastic Day for PR !🇳🇺!🇳🇺

Penkridge Runners Ladies take 2nd place at Shugborough

Well done to all the Penkridge Runners who completed the Katherine House 5k & 10k at Shugborough. Both our ladies teams in the 5k & 10k finished 2nd overall.
Sally G was the First Lady in the 10k, Michelle was the First Lady in her age category, Simon got a new PB for the 10k ahead of his first ever marathon in Birmingham. Hilary also knocked almost 2 mins off her previous 10k PB. Karen also beat her previous best with a new 5k PB. Paula M ran her first ever official 5k since joining PR.
Also great effort by Laura, Dave, Janice & Adam.
Penkridge Runners…. No.1 Group in the West Midlands.

England Athletics Awards Evening

Penkridge Runners winners of the ” Best Run Together Group” in the West Midlands collected their award at the Ricoh Arena on Friday night. The presentation night which was organised by England Athletics was a huge success and a proud night for Penkridge Runners.

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17 New PB’s for Penkridge Runners

Great weekend of competition for Penkridge Runners. With 12 runners taking on the Rodbaston 10k trail run. This was part of the Mash running series, a slight change to the course made this extremely tough through mud, water, uneven fields and streams.  Penkridge Runners successful weekend continued at the Brewood Woggle 10k and the Stafford 10k.
With no fewer than 7 new PB ‘s at Stafford and 10 new PB’s at Brewood made this a fantastic achievement for PR runners today!
Not only did we have 17 new PB’s but 5 runners completed their first ever 10k race after joining PR.

Great Day of Competition for PR

What a great day of competition for PR today.
Firstly Martine and Gary ran their first ever 10k at Wolverhampton. Lee completed yet another marathon also at Wolverhampton and Anne Marie, Laura, Nick, Matt and Dave all completed the Wolverhampton half.
This was Matt’s first ever half and finished with a great time of 1.45. Dave had a remarkable run, 12 months since joining PR he smashed his previous time at Wolverhampton with a MASSIVE PB, knocking off 45 minutes with a new PB 1.47.
Six PR runners were also competing at Cosford, running the Spitfire 10k. Well done to Mark J, Jamie, Lisa, Maxine, Simon and Jim. Jim had a great run and smashed his PB, knocking 5 minutes off his previous best. Mark also smashed his first ever 10k at Rodbaston by 6 minutes.
Finally congratulations to Stacey who completed her first ever Triathlon “gotri” today.
Some great result today , #PR&proud 🇳🇺🇳🇺🇳🇺

Penkridge Runners winners of the Best Running Group 2017

Penkridge Runners have been awarded the Best “Run Together” running group in the West Midlands for 2017.

This award supported by England Athletics was chosen after a successful nomination and entry from Carly Breeze who has been with the club since day one 3 years ago.

Congratulations to all who have made this possible.

Have you suffered from Shin Splints?

Shin Splints

Are you experiencing an aching or throbbing pain in your shins? Is this pain or discomfort keeping your from running and exercising? You’re likely experiencing one of the most common running injuries known as shin splints.
What are shin splints?
Shin Splints are one of the most common injuries that runners come across. The term is typically applied to any pain that’s occurring below the knee and above the ankle on the front of the leg. Shin splints can occur in either the inside of the leg (medial shin splints), or outside of the leg (anterior shin splints.) This injury is common among a vast assortment of athletes, from runners to dancers.
Shin splints are most common among new runners who aren’t increasing their mileage gradually. If you’re new to running, it’s wise to build your mileage gradually, allowing you muscles time to repair and build themselves. Likewise, if you’re a seasoned runner and you’ve recently changed your regimen (from flat surfaces to hills, for example) you too might be experiencing the ill effects of not giving your muscles time to adapt, causing shin splints to occur.

Shin Splint Symptoms:
Pain and tenderness in the lower leg
The inability to flex your toes up towards your shin without pain or discomfort
Pain in your legs between your knees and ankles that occurs after a few miles of running

It’s important to remember that not all pain in your lower legs is necessarily due to shin splints. Pain in the outside part of the lower leg may be compartment syndrome, which is a swelling of muscles within a closed compartment within the lower leg. This creates pressure, unusual nerve sensations and eventually muscles weakness. To diagnose this condition you’ll likely have to visit a doctor. However, before you do try using compression socks during your run. The compression might help the blood in that specific compartment flow better, relieving the pressure that’s causing you discomfort. If you’re a regular runner and you’re experiencing pain in your lower leg around or above your ankles but below your knees, you could have a stress fracture (a micro fracture in either the tibia for fibula.) This can only be diagnosed via a professional using an x-ray.

What Causes Shin Splints?
Worn or ill-fitting running shoes
Over pronation
Lack of stretching
Muscle inefficiency or imbalance

Typically only 1 leg is affected when it comes to shin splints, and it’s usually the runner’s dominant leg. The pain is usually a result from an imbalance between the calf muscles and the muscles in the front of your leg.

Over pronation is when the foot rolls more than 15 degrees inward to meet the ground after heel strike. This rotation of the ankle forces the big toe to do most of the work to push itself back off the ground to being your next stride. This impact imbalance is what causes additional pain in the lower leg typically referred to as shin splints.

The most unfortunate part of shin splints is that doctors and physical therapists will recommend you stop running until the inflammation decreases and your muscles have time to repair themselves. The LAST thing in the world you want to do is stop running, Road Runner Sports has come up with a few options that could help you resolve your shin splint issues without having to stop running!

Shin Splint Exercises
1. Stretch, stretch and stretch again! – Stretch your Achilles tendon, your front shins and your calves regularly to try and solve your shin splint woes. Shin splint stretches could make or break your recovery, so make sure you’re diligent about doing them!
2. Trace the alphabet on the floor with your big toes. Do this with each of your legs – this will help stretch and strengthen your front calf/shin muscles.
3. Alternate walking on your heels for 30 seconds with walking regularly for 30 seconds – this exercise with help strengthen your front calf/shin muscles, helping to avoid shin splint issues in the future. Try to do #1, #2, and #3 three times a day!
4. If your shin splint problems aren’t cured after trying each of these options, you may want to consider cross training (swimming, cycling, weight training, etc.) until you’re able to run again. Once you start running again, remember to increase your mileage slowly. No more than 10% increase in distance daily

Penkridge Runners dominate the Fun Run

Penkridge Runners dominate the Penkridge Fun Run 2017 with some great individual results….
Alicea 1st W30 (3rd W overall)
Andy 1st Senior M
Matty 1st M23
Tasha 1st W23
Paula 1st W40
Jo 1st W45
Julie O 1st W60
Laura C 2nd W30
Michelle 2nd Senior W
Lee S 2nd M30
Martine 3rd W30

Well done to everyone who took part, another fantastic turn out for PR 🇳🇺🇳🇺