To coincide with the Penkridge Runners C25k Finale on Saturday April 2nd we will be running the #run4ukraine 

Run either 4k, 4mile, 40mins & donate £4 to raise money for the people of Ukraine. 

Lets support Ukraine during this heartbreaking time. The best way we can do that right now is to raise awareness and funds to help support Ukrainians when they need it most.

What we’re asking you to do

is run and donate £4 to the Red Cross – or as much as we can afford and tag 4 of our running buddies to ask them to do the same. 

Please help by running, donating what you can, together we can #Run4Ukraine and make a difference. Make sure to share a picture with #run4ukraine on social media, so we can share this initiative far and wide and raise as much money as we can.