Lose weight through Running

For those of you out there looking to drop a few unwanted pounds through running, these are some of the key points to keep in mind.

-Change Your Pace

In order to up the calorie burn, you must commit to upping your pace. This is because when you start exercising, your body starts looking for ways to adapt. For example, when you initially begin training, running two to three miles may be a challenge, but over time your body gets used to the change of heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and stress. To compound the problem, when it comes to weight loss, your body also adapts to burning fuel in the form of calories.

Think back to a time when you started training again after a long break. After only a few minutes of running, you may have been surprised to find yourself breathless and working really hard to get going. That’s because your body has lost its adaptability to running—but in the meantime, it’s burning far more calories to get back to your pre-break fitness level.

A simple thing to add to your running regimen is training at different paces. Rather than doing every run at the same pace, try to change it up a bit. Throw a one-minute pickup (speed up the pace) at every five-minute mark.

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