PR Profile: Andy Jackson 

Reason for joining PR? I’d lived in the village for a while and fancied trying a running group rather than running up and down the A449 on my own! 

How long have you been at PR? Since January 2020.

What do you enjoy most about PR? A mixture of the people (who are incredibly friendly and supportive) and the varied sessions we do. 

What is your best achievement since joining PR? Sprinting 100m for the first time in 20 years during the Covid restricted sessions.

What is your Favourite session? Magic Mile or a long run session.

What is your Favourite meal? Fish and chips from the chippy.

What is your Favourite drink? Gin and tonic or a mojito.

What is your Favourite holiday destination? Abersoch.

What is your Favourite song or artist? Taylor Swift or Muse.

What famous person past or present would you like to meet and why? Jurgen Klopp – seems like a great fella and would be fascinating, as a massive football fan, to talk to.