PR Profile: Ann Marie Skidmore 

Reason for joining PR? Realised when I said to my brother let’s do race the train in Tywyn he said Annmarie you can’t run to the end of the drive at our caravan. He was right! 🤣 & told me about PR & I’ve never looked back. 

How long have you been at PR? 

I joined January 2016 & straight away felt welcome & at ease. All Level of fitness ranges & everyone supports each other. 5 years on I have truly made some great friends & the banter everyone has at PR is great. 

What do you enjoy most about PR? 

Best thing I love about PR is the camaraderie. Each session is different & fun! 

What is your best achievement since joining? 

Gosh I have a few achievements I’m proud of… from achieving my first 5k to my first half marathon, then my first Marathon! I’d never thought I’d ever do a marathon. Thanks to Martins brilliant Training plan I followed to the T with my friend Maxine it’s was successful. 

What is your favourite session? Love Relays! 

If you could only eat one meal what would it be? Pizza

What is your favourite drink? Sav blanc COLD! 

What is your favourite holiday destination? 

The Caribbean (I’d say Wales but that’s like home😁).

What is your favourite artist or song? 

Il Divo – Amazing Grace when they preformed it in Rome with the Bag pipes – Awsome! 

What famous person would you like meet and why? 

Steve Cram & Zola Budd. 

I was lucky to meet Steve at the running show he was polite, I was star struck!