PR Profile: Ant Morgan 

Reason for joining PR? 

I joined PR as I hadn’t really completed any fitness in years. I found myself out of breath just going upstairs, and needed some motivation, I saw an add for PR- and never looked back, even though the first sessions were on the snow covered fields of PMS

How long have you been at PR?

I’ve been at PR since the first January at Penkridge Middle school ( I think 2017?)

What do you enjoy most about PR?

There are no big egos at PR. Everyone has different aims and abilities with full encouragement from the coaches too.

A super friendly group – that’s fitness and friendliness wrapped up in one!

What is your best achievement since joining PR?

My biggest achievement is (in distance) only 10k, but my real achievement is to keep turning up at PR over many years, come rain or shine! And with midweek sessions too it keeps me on a stable fitness level.

What is your Favourite session?

My favourite session is Indian files, a great working team effort- closely followed by the skipping warm ups!

What is your Favourite meal?

It has to be a red hot chicken spinach curry that would melt your face off! Followed by an ice cream 

What is your Favourite drink?

For day to day I’m a tea-o-holic, at least 8 cups a day

What is your Favourite holiday destination?

U.K. wise, it has to be Newquay in Cornwall. The fist holiday my wife and I went to. Awesome place, good memories.

What would you sing on a Karaoke night? 

Adored -The Stone Roses. Although I’m tone deaf!!!

What makes you laugh the most?

A night out with some of my oldest dearest friends, a couple of pints reminiscing on old times, and also making new ones. 

My daughter can also crack me up,  with her one liners-which one day will get her or me in trouble!!!