PR Profile: Bethan Davis 

Reason for joining PR? 

To join a local club that still involved running but also mixes it up with other training elements 

How long have you been at PR?

Just over a year 1 year

What do you enjoy most about PR?

The atmosphere and the variety of the sessions 

What is your best achievement since joining PR?

Completed a 10 mile tough mudder 

What is your Favourite session?

My favourite are the ones that incorporate both running and strength exercises 

If you could only eat one meal what would it be?

Chicken Pasta bake

What is your Favourite drink?

I’m such a lightweight but I enjoy a Pornstar Martini 

What is your Favourite holiday destination?

Vive la France 

What is your Favourite song or artist? 

Fleetwood mac – landslide 

What song would you sing on Karaoke?

ABBA dancing queen