PR Profile: Chris Nichols 

Reason for joining PR? 

Having started the BBC couch 2 5k, I  wanted the support of a local running group. 

How long have you been at PR?

I joined in Jan 2020, but really got started after the first lockdown with the small group training sessions 

What do you enjoy most about PR?

The friendly, supportive atmosphere, and how each week is different. 

What is your best achievement since joining PR?

Running 50 miles in a month for charity in Oct 20 – something I never thought I’d be able to. While I’m now not quite as fit as I was then and I don’t make it every week, PR still keeps me motivated. 

What is your Favourite session?

I like the surprise now and again of a trail run out of the school. 

If you could only eat one meal what would it be?

I love my food, so tricky to choose, but probably a Thai meal! And it would have to include Tom Yum soup & green papaya salad.  

What is your Favourite drink?

I love a good beer

What is your Favourite holiday destination?

Difficult one – but I’d say Southeast Asia….. and Cornwall 😂

What is your Favourite song or artist? 

Probably the Beatles

What famous person past or present would you like to meet and why?

Anthony Bourdain, for a meal in some crazy location with copious amounts of alcohol. An absolute legend