PR Profile: Clare Griffin

Reason for joining PR?

I had been a casual runner before and wanted to do more.  A friend of mine was thinking about joining and said she would go if I did, so we started together. I think she came to 2 or 3 sessions then couldn’t make any more but I kept on coming.

How long have you been at PR?  

Coming up 4 years now.   I joined in January 2018.

What do you enjoy most about PR?  The people and the different sessions.  Running in ways I wouldn’t on my own.

What is your best achievement since joining PR?  

Lots of things I am proud of doing thanks to PR but at the moment I am still on a high from the 3 Peaks a couple of weekends ago.  Never thought little old me would do something like that.

What is your favourite session?

Don’t tell anyone but I secretly love the hills.  And the sprints.  I’m not fast but I like to try!  Relays on the hill was my favourite!

What is your favourite meal?  

Chicken in honey and lemon sauce with egg fried rice.  Always my Saturday night Chinese order. 

What is your favourite drink?

Drinking- Grey Goose with lime and lemonade.  Not drinking- Pepsi Max.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

I couldn’t choose between Disney Florida or the American midwest.

What would you sing on a karaoke night?

Eighties cheese.  Tiffany probably.

What makes you laugh the most? 

Nights out with my friends, or watching Jason Manford.