PR Profile: Gerry Quinn

Reason for joining PR? 

After a 5yr lay off from running I needed a kick up the backside to get going again. 

When did you join? 

Jan 2019 in the couch to 5k.

What do you like most about PR? Everything.

What is your best achievement since joining? 

I haven’t ran many competitive races but I have done the 10k GP training plan which I thoroughly enjoyed, looking forward to the next one so I can break 50mins. 

What is your favourite session? So many fantastic sessions  but Indian file is my favourite. 

What is your favourite meal? I could eat a roast dinner everyday of the week. 

What is your favourite drink? Irish whiskey. 

What is your favourite holiday destination? 

Viva la Mexico.

Who is your favourite artist or song? Terence Trent Darby – Holding on to you.

What famous person would you like to meet and why? 

I would have loved to go for a beer with Charles Bukowski  so we could put the worlds to right .