PR Profile: Jane Gardner

What was the reason you joined PR? 

I liked the idea of running but had no motivation to go out alone…and still don’t…I’m definitely a social runner! 

How long have you been coming to PR? 

I joined January 2019 couch 2 5K group. 

What do you enjoy most about PR? 

I like that the group attracts runners of all ages and abilities and the support from Martin and the team .

What is your best achievement since joining? 

Completing Stafford half marathon less than  12 months after doing couch 2 5K – with Carolyn! 

What is your favourite session? Anything teamwork! 

What is your favourite meal? Tapas.

What is your favourite drink? Rioja or Mojito. 

Where is your favourite holiday destination? 


What would you sing at a Karaoke? 

I’m not a fan of singing in public… 

What makes you laugh laugh the most? 

Probably my husband and two girls!