PR Profile: Joanna Terry

Reason for joining PR?
I started couch 2 5k to get fitter & did my first 10k in autumn 2016. Then as winter approached & after a fall at work I wasn’t keen on running on my own. I also had no idea about how to improve or run longer distances & thought PR looked good.

How long have you been at PR?
Since January 2017.

What do you enjoy most about PR?
The amazing welcome you receive, celebrating your achievements big and small, and chatting about random things as we all work through the session.

What is your best achievement since joining PR?
Completing my first half marathon in London in March 2020.

What is your Favourite session?
Longer runs where we leave the school and run by the canal. Indian file & working as a team.

What is your Favourite meal?
Pasta with a vegetarian tomato sauce

What is your Favourite drink?
A fresh Americano, golden ales or a white rioja.

What is your Favourite holiday destination?
In the UK Whitby & abroad Crete.

What would you sing on a Karaoke night?
Last did this Xmas 2019 & sang Venus by Bananarama with my sisters in law & Bohemian Rhapsody with whole family (kids were mortified)!

What makes you laugh the most?
My family and our daft cat.