PR Profile: John Hardwick 

1.  Reason for joining PR? 

In 2007 I suffered a serious leg injury following a motorcycle accident. Up until this point I’d been a good club runner. I was told I’d never run again. For ten years that was true. Then a joined Penkridge runners. I was told they had a great coach and fantastic supportive group of runners. The rest is history as the magic happened. 

2. How long have you been at PR?

I think I joined sometime in late 2017, if I’m honest I can’t remember. 

3. What do you enjoy most about PR?

The thing I enjoy most about PR is the support and encouragement that is shared throughout the club. It is one big family where everyone is welcome regardless of their ability. 

4. What is your best achievement since joining PR?

Believe it or not completing 5 ultra marathons. 

5. What is your Favourite session?

This isn’t a cop out, I don’t have a favourite. I just love turning up and trying to work out what the session will be. 

6. What is your Favourite meal?

Home made Cottage pie, Sunday lunch or maybe a curry. I just love food.

7. What is your Favourite drink?


8. What is your Favourite holiday destination?

I love going to France to photograph the Tour de France especially in the Alps. 

9. What would you sing on a Karaoke night? 

I can’t sing and refuse to take part in karaoke. My favourite song however is ‘Simple Man’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd. If you haven’t heard it take a listen. 

10. What makes you laugh the most? 

Early Billy Connolly or Lee Evans.