PR Profile: Karen Barrett

Reason for joining PR?
My daughter and son-in-law had been married for a couple of years and I began to feel that babies were on the horizon. I just knew I needed to get fit enough to play with any grandchildren, so when I saw the posters around the village I thought “Right, it’s now or never!” Great timing as the week after I joined, they announced they were expecting!!!

How long have you been at PR?
I joined in January 2015, not long after PR was formed. 12 people at a session was a great turn out then!

What do you enjoy most about PR?
Easy answer – the camerarderie! I’ve met some fabulously awesome people through PR!

Best achievement since joining PR?
Getting fit enough to do the MacMillan Mighty Hike (walking 27 miles across the Peak District) and running in the iconic Blaydon Race. Standing in Grey Street, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne singing the song with thousands of others was a spine-tingling moment I will treasure!

Favourite session?
Relays every time!
Can’t walk for two days after though because I love to go for it!

Favourite meal?
at home, daughter No 2’s Teriyaki Chicken and out is anything at The Oakley in Brewood.
Favourite Drink?
I would just die without tea (Yorkshire) and G&T. In separate vessels, obvs! 😂

Favourite Holiday Destination? Menorca but, realistically, anywhere in the world if it’s with my wonderful Famalam!