PR Profile: Kristian Russell 

What was your reason for joining PR? 

To lose weight and get fit. 

How long have you been at PR? 

Since January 2018. 

What do you like most about PR?

The different types of sessions that I would struggle to do on my own. 

What is your best achievement since joining? 

Managing to complete over 30 10ks. Never ran 1 before I joined PR. 

What is your favourite session? I can’t remember the name but it’s jog out towards wood bank lane then faster back. 

What is your favourite food? Pizza. 

What is your favourite drink? Water or orange squash (maybe a few beers at night 😬)

What is your favourite holiday destination? 

Any cruise. 

What is your favourite song or artist? Song is “you could be mine” by guns n roses. Also film soundtracks by vince dicola (Rocky 4 and transformers the movie)

What famous person would you like to meet and why? 

JFK just because his presidency was so interesting, Cuba, Vietnam, civil rights and the Cold War.