PR Profile: Lee Simmons
(PR Run Leader)

Reason for joining PR?
I had done most of my running solo from when I started running in 2009 to lose weight, I had always thought about joining a running club to experience running with others and PR dropped just right after changing jobs with no longer having to work Saturdays.

How long have you been at PR?
Approximately 5 and a half years

What do you enjoy most about PR?
I enjoy the social side of meeting up at PR and I like taking part in the different types of sessions each week, the types of sessions that I would never do on my own.

What is your best achievement since joining PR?

Well there’s a few achievements I’d like to name as I can’t pick just one.
•Completing the Staffordshire Ironman 70.3 triathlon and the London marathon in 2016.
•Completing a 41 mile Ultra.
•Getting my marathon PB down to 3hours 18mins.
•Running a total of 21 marathons so far.
•Becoming a PR run leader.

What is your Favourite session?
My favourite sessions are the long continuous ones and I love the Hill sessions too.

What is your Favourite meal?
I love food. Pizza has to be one of my favourites but I do love a good Buffet, Indian, Chinese and BBQs.

What is your Favourite drink?
I drink a lot of water everyday. Other than that I like a good cup of tea or coffee, whisky, Newcastle Brown Ale and sometimes a can of orange tango.

What is your Favourite holiday destination?
Got to be the UK. I find there is lots to do and see in the UK. My ideal holiday would involve any of many outdoor activities including running and trekking.
I have been on many foreign holidays but I’m not one to just rest on a sun lounger for 2 weeks in the baking sun.