PR Profile: Maxine Williamson

Reason for joining PR?
I joined PR to get fitter and healthier. I was an ex-smoker and couldn’t run for the bus 😆

How long have you been at PR?
I joined PR in January 2016 after seeing a few friends giving it go.

What do you enjoy most about PR?
I enjoy the camaraderie and rapport in the group. The friendliness and support is immense and it matters not if you can run like the wind or in my case plod along like a snail, we are all welcome

What is your best achievement since joining PR?
I was proud, humbled and honoured to be voted most improved female two years running at PR … i’m very proud to have run and finished two Marathons and 14 half marathons so far 😉 ..I also felt very proud when we did our charity fundraising day, everyone worked so hard together to make it happen and it was just a brilliant day for us all .

My favourite session…
Is Indian file running, i like the working as a team element of that.

Favourite meal …
Lasagne or Vegtable Biryani

My favourite Drink..
A bottle of Bud or a cup of tea ( rock n roll )

Favourite Holiday…
Marazion Cornwall