PR Profile: Paula Kimberley

Reason for joining PR?
To meet new people ,improve my running, confidence and my mental health.
All of these have happened.

How long have you been at PR?
I have been there since the first day it started , I joined with 2 of my friends Carly and Russell Breeze .

What do you enjoy most about PR?
Meeting others, team spirit , everyone looks out for each other and I made some new friends. One of these being Janice Haywood who always makes me smile and I love spending time with her 😃.

What is your best achievement since joining PR?
Getting a PB for a 10k and completing Birmingham Marathon.

What is your Favourite session?
I enjoy all the sessions as they are never the same .

What is your Favourite meal?
I don’t have one favourite meal,however I enjoy going out for meals with my lovely friends .

What is your Favourite drink?
Water and Coors light.

What is your Favourite holiday destination?
I don’t go on holiday a lot ,but there is 2 holidays I have really enjoyed and they are Cornwall and Cumbria .