PR Profile: Tracy Czyzyk 

Reason for joining PR? To maintain my fitness 

How long have you been at PR? 15 months.

What do you enjoy most about PR? That everyone is so friendly no matter what your ability.

What is your best achievement since joining PR? Running Manchester marathon last year and knocking 15 minutes off my pb.

What is your Favourite session? I really like all the sessions but I do like the canal runs.

If you could only eat one meal what would it be?

It would have to be a vegan spaghetti bolognese.

What is your Favourite drink? I’m a coffee lover.

What is your Favourite holiday destination? 

I have many but it’s got to be Orlando.

What is your Favourite song or artist? I love Aerosmith.

What song would you sing on Karaoke? Bon Jovi, it’s my life.