I blooming love it, never thought I’d say that about exercise πŸ˜‚
It’s a very friendly club and everyone supports each other. I never feel pressured only encouraged and supported. Every week is different and just when I think “yeah I’m getting fit” we do a relay week and I ache like mad from head to foot for a few days πŸ˜‚ Carly you do a fab job at supporting everyone, thank you xx MH

Agree. I love being part of this club. All nutters but so supportive. I’d have given up long before now without the support of PR. And now have some amazing slightly crazy friends too! LM

I thinks this group is brilliant, so supportive and such a friendly bunch, I do think it has a slight chance of having too many members but Martin Leek deals with the large group so professionally and people get out of it what they put into it so no excuses. It’s helped me to loose weight and get new PB’s so a great place to be on a sat morning πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ MM

Love it. Missed it big time ❀️ AW

Right from my very first session at PR I felt supported and encouraged everyone was friendly ..I didn’t feel silly for coming along and having a go ( which I though I might ) …fast forward year and a half it’s still all of the above I’ve been encouraged and supported at races when Ive been struggling and cheered over the finish line made lots of lovely new friends ..its such an inclusive club it doesn’t matter where your at with your fitness everyone is treated the same welcomed the same ..Our coach Martin is always willing us on and giving us encouragement to be the best we can and is always happy to give advice. He makes all the sessions interesting and different some you might love some you might hate 😩…but you always feel great for having done them ..Carly you are fantastic at cheering us on and supporting us in all that we do and hope to achieve …Penkridge Runners simply the best πŸ† MW

I love being part of this fantastic group it makes me feel like I have an extra family.The support is great from everyone Martin Leek is a fantastic coach.It has not only helped me with my running but in many ways as some of you will know.I always know that when racing there is always someone at the finish line waiting for me which helps me to carry on when tired.Love to you all at penkridge runners and to you my friend Carly Breeze xxxx PK

it’s helped me with my confidence and it’s like having another family everyone is so friendly and always supportive to each other happy I go back into it thanks penkridge running it’s helped me loads with my running TP

Right Carly Breeze…. my comments are purely as an honouree PR member but i really must say that the bonding I have witnessed at PR has restored my faith in humanity …. the friendships formed, the support shown, the camaraderie is just so heart warming to witness and from a totally personal point of view, I have formed some wonderful friendships that would have otherwise never happened and met up with wonderful people who over the years I had lost touch with. Also I am of course very proud of coach who bought together this amazing group of people …. long live PR ❀️ xxxx ML

It’s fantastic for all ages abilities.
Great club, great people, great coaches AM

Late thirties, nearly 40 πŸ™ˆ and never really stuck at anything exercise wise but I have running and only because of PR πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒ Love it! Fab feeling crossing a finish line for the first time which I would never of entered without everyone’s encouragement and a training plan from coach πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š Thanks to you all 😘 KD

Loved this running club from the start, no pressure at the sessions, you do what you can ( although I’ve been told it’s not so good a cure for a hangover πŸ˜‰) Such a lovely mix of people, all able to achieve something by coming along and all connected by our love of running. Martin constantly challenges the group with his sessions, we love to hear that Whistle ! I have never come away from a session thinking that was easy. It’s so nice to see people take part in races and achieve things they thought they never could and have fellow PRS to cheer them on and of course the photos that are taken, that capture the action for us to look back on. I will continue to run with and on behalf of this brilliant group until my legs drop off πŸ’— JW

Just love the group and our friendships , just amazing people 😁
Carly who helps and supports everyone – going to races when she could be at home with her doggies !! 🐢🐢
Martin well just a fab and amazing coach supporting and pushing us through everything every week rain or shine !!
And Mel who lets Martin out every Saturday πŸ€— thank you πŸ’• what else can you say ❀️PRβ€Œhi RL