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About PENkridge runners

Martin Leek, PR Coach

Martin Leek

Group Leader & Coach

Founded in 2014 by Martin Leek, run group leader & qualified coach, Penkridge Runners epitomises the fusion of professional coaching and community spirit in the world of athletics.

The club, catering to a wide range of running enthusiasts, offers a comprehensive training regime that includes interval training on Saturday mornings and  Wednesday evenings focused on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), core strengthening and circuit training. These sessions, meticulously designed under Martin’s expert guidance, not only aim to enhance running efficiency and endurance but also focus on overall fitness and injury prevention, making Penkridge Runners an ideal hub for both aspiring and seasoned runners seeking to elevate their performance in a supportive and dynamic environment.

PRIMARY Run Leaders

Jessica Leek

Jessica Curtiss

Jake Curtiss

Jake Curtiss

Lee Simmons

Lee Simmons

Russell Breeze

Russell Breeze

Run Leaders


Jim Callaghan

Lisa Goode

Lisa Goode

emma Lawrence

Emma Lawrence

Linzi Murray

Linzi Murray

Photo of Carly Breeze

Carly Breeze
Club Secretary & Administration

At PR we take first aid seriously and have a number of qualified members to step in and help whenever needed. We also have qualified de-fib members should the worst arise.

First Aid Bag

First Aid

At PR, our commitment to prioritizing safety is paramount, and we take first aid with the utmost seriousness. Within our team, we have a dedicated group of qualified members ready to step in and provide assistance whenever needed. Additionally, we have certified defibrillator (AED) responders who are equipped to handle emergencies and respond promptly in the unlikely event of a cardiac incident. Our proactive approach to safety underscores our dedication to creating a secure and well-prepared environment for all.

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