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PR Standout performances

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sat 22 June 2024

runners of
the week

Claire Griffin

James Jones

Lisa Goode

Simon Cooper

Karen Andrews

Wayne Adams

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wed 19 June 2024

wednesday warriors

Simon Howarth

Ann Cooper

Paula Kimberley

Jordan Griffin

At Penkridge Runners, the ethos isn’t just about being the fastest or clocking the best times; it’s about giving it your all, pushing your limits with grit and determination. During each training session, the coaches keep a keen eye out for those standout performances. These performances aren’t solely defined by finishing first or setting new personal records, but rather by the visible effort, commitment and passion displayed by each member.

PR coaches understand that every runner has their own journey and challenges to overcome. They recognise that progress isn’t always linear and that success is often measured in small victories and personal milestones. By acknowledging and celebrating these standout performances, regardless of where individuals may fall in terms of speed or ability, Penkridge Runners fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where every member feels valued, encouraged and inspired to continue pushing their limits.

Well done to all our members! Keep Pushing!

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