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Penkridge 10k

30 june 2024
Today's the day! Good luck to all runners and have a great day!

In an exciting turn of events, the Penkridge Runners, a local running club, are set to take the lead in community fitness and camaraderie by hosting the traditional Penkridge Family Fun Run. This year, however, they are adding a brand-new dimension to the event by introducing a 10K run, complete with chip timing, dedicated marshals along the route, and a medal for every participant crossing the finish line.

– In partnership with Penkridge Round Table –

Family Fun Run

The Penkridge Family Fun Run has been a long-standing tradition, bringing the community together for a day of active enjoyment and family bonding. The family run will continue to cater to runners of varying abilities, ensuring that everyone, from seasoned athletes to beginners and families with young children, can partake in the joy of running. The route will take participants around the undulations of Penkridge Middle School's grounds, with marshals helping and encouraging them along the set course.

New Penkridge Runners 10K

Adding a thrilling twist to the event, Penkridge Runners are introducing a 10K run for the first time. This addition is designed to attract avid runners looking for a challenge while providing a fresh and invigorating experience for the entire community.

Chip Timing and Marshals

The 10K run will incorporate chip timing for precise race tracking, promoting fairness and competitiveness. Dedicated marshals along the route will offer support, guidance, and encouragement, ensuring a safe and enjoyable event.

Medals for All Finishers

Participants in the Penkridge Runners' 10K run will receive a finisher's medal, symbolising their commitment and effort. This tangible token serves as a lasting memory of the day's accomplishments, marking the completion of the run.

Community Spirit

Penkridge Runners prioritize community spirit and well-being by hosting both the traditional Family Fun Run and the new 10K event. This inclusive approach ensures accessibility for a diverse range of participants, fostering unity, health, and vitality within the Penkridge community.

As the Penkridge Runners gear up to host the Penkridge Family Fun Run and introduce the new 10K run, the community eagerly anticipates a day filled with excitement, achievement, and shared moments. With a commitment to inclusivity, professional organisation, and community spirit, the Penkridge Runners are set to make this year’s event a milestone in the local running calendar.

The course is still being finalised; however, we can reveal that it will be predominantly flat, with around 90% of the route consisting of tarmac and gravel paths. This picturesque journey will meander through the scenic countryside surrounding Penkridge.

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