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Penkridge Runners, where every step is a journey, and every mile is a victory.

Paula Kimberley

FU Anxiety

In a world where the pressures of everyday life can weigh heavily on our shoulders, finding solace and clarity can sometimes feel like an impossible task. But for Paula, a member of Penkridge Runners (PR), running has been her saving grace, providing not only a means of physical exercise but

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Different body types

Running and Body Types

Running is a universal activity that transcends body types, and the beautiful thing about it is that it’s inclusive for individuals of all shapes and sizes. Understanding your body type can help tailor your running approach and maximise your potential on the track or trail. In this post, we’ll explore

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Where is that new PB

Achieving that new PB

Setting a new personal best is a challenge that requires determination, perseverance, and a willingness to push your limits. It’s not always easy, but the feeling of crossing the finish line knowing you’ve achieved a new PB is incredibly rewarding and empowering.

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A runner warming up and stretching

Run Smart, Stay Fit

While running is a great way to stay fit, it’s important to take the necessary steps to prevent injuries. By investing in the right gear, warming up properly, listening to your body, and paying attention to your running form, you can reduce your risk of injury and continue to enjoy

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Discover the joy of running with penkridge runners

The Joys of Running with Penkridge Runners

Embarking on a running journey can often feel like a solitary path. However, for those in and around Penkridge, it doesn’t have to be. Joining Penkridge Runners can transform your running experience from a lone venture into a journey of community, growth, and shared joy.

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Couch to 5k Advert

Couch to 5k

Penkridge Runners provide an annual 12 week couch to 5k program starting every January. It’s aimed at complete beginners and will nurture all participants to achieve the goal of running 5k.

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PR Emblem

PR Challenge 10

Introducing the Penkridge Runners Challenge 10 (PRC10). Over the next 10 months, we invite you to embark on a series of 10 diverse and thrilling challenges, each designed to test your limits and ignite your spirit.

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